The Whale Movie Review : Academy Award Winning Movie in 2023

The Whale Movie Review
The Whale Movie Review

An emotional portrayal of loneliness and self-destruction in the movie “The Whale”

The Whale Movie Rating

The Whale Movie Rating

The Whale Movie Story:

The Whale movie review are difficult to analyze to me. A 2012 Samuel D. Hunter play, ‘The Whale’ depicts a week in the life of a reclusive English teacher Charlie (Brendan Fraser), whose morbid obesity isn’t the only cause of his suffering.

The Whale Movie Trailer:

The Whale Movie Review : Academy Award Winning Movie in 2023

The Whale Movie Review:

There is a ‘Brenaissance’ taking place. During his major movie comeback, 90’s heartthrob Brendan Fraser gives one of the best performances of his career. As he portrays a man consumed with guilt, depression, and self-loathing, he tears your heart out. Afraid of his own shadow, he curses himself for letting his weight and pain spiral out of control. During a moment of extreme vulnerability, he asks his estranged daughter, “Who could have wanted me around? ”

As Charlie struggles to cope with the loss of his boyfriend, the only person who thought he was beautiful, he does everything in his power to accelerate his death.

Because of his deteriorating health and his teen daughter’s wrath for distancing him at 8, Charlie’s pain goes beyond what is visible. The cynical man tells himself and his only friend and caregiver Liz (Hong Chau) that he doesn’t need saving, nor can anyone save him.

Deep down, he hopes that people are incapable of not caring about him despite his circumstances. A judgemental world might find his physical appearance ‘disgusting’, so he hides himself from its prying eyes.

Since he believes he isn’t deserving of happiness, he constantly apologizes to everyone without rhyme or reason. As a result, Fraser internalizes the anxiety and inner turmoil of his character. As a result of his ostracism and isolation from Hollywood for his honesty, he is more relevant when portraying Charlie.

Charlie teaches online classes by turning off his chat video, until he realizes he needs to be as honest with himself as he expects others to be.

Aronofsky’s film unfolds like a play within Charlie’s dimly lit Idaho apartment, which rarely sees sunlight or rain. As a metaphor, it represents a lack of hope. Art direction and production design play a major role in shaping this story into an intimate, emotionally draining experience, despite the fact that it is largely a one-man show. In his narrative, Aronofsky cleverly weaves together religion, isolation, and even transactional relationships between parents and children.

A masterful illustration of the thankless job and abandonment of caregivers is presented in the film. The performance of Hong Chau as Liz is outstanding. She plays the angsty teenager with confidence, perhaps an extension of her Stranger Things character. Matthew Libatique’s cinematography and Rob Simonsen’s melancholic music add atmosphere.

There is no shame in questioning one’s existence and purpose in life for the Whale. Watching it isn’t easy and feels deeply personal and traumatic.

The whale movie rating based on audience feedback.

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